Reusable Handmade Beeswax Food Wrap Set These reusable beeswax wraps are a perfect alternative for plastic and aluminium foils and packages. Beeswax wraps are made to be used and reused from 120 to 150 times, that approximately lasts a year. They are made from sustainable and 100 % biodegradable ingredients – from organic cotton dipped in collected...
Stainless Steel High-quality Reusable Drinking Straw This eco-friendly reusable straw is made from high-quality stainles steel of food grade 304, that is a sustainable choice for every day. The set of metal straws includes three straws: two different straight straws, wide and thin, and a thin bend straw; two brushes for cleaning and a canvas bag, to carry...
Reusable bags

Organic Cotton Mesh Reusable Bags Set - 9 pcs

Eco-friendly Reusable Organic Cotton Mesh Bag Set  This organic cotton bag set contains 9 peaces of cotton bags in 3 sizes - S (20x25 cm), M (25x30 cm) and L (30x40 cm). Easy to wash, comfortable to use and 100 % eco-friendly bags will make your food shopping more pleasant and easy!
Reusable bags

5 Reusable Product Mesh Bags Set

Reusable Eco-Friendly 5 Mesh Bags Set  The set of 5 white transparent high-quality reusable bags for eco-friendly shopping. These bags are strong and flexible, easy to wash and fast-drying, durable and handy. Each bag has a colourful label so you can use each for a particular product group, for example.
Reusable bags

15 Reusable Mesh bags in three sizes

Set of 15 Reusable Transparent Mesh Bags  The set includes 15 reusable eco-friendly bags in three sizes, 5 bags of each: S (20x31 cm), M (36x31 cm) and L (43x31 cm). These bags can be used for zero-waste shopping, for buying vegetables and fruits in the market or in the specialized shops. They can be also used for nuts and grains storage, as well for any...
The cutlery set includes a dining fork, a knife, a spoon and a little coffee spoon. You can choose any of the options available: 1) gold, silver, black or rainbow colours for the whole items, also you can choose 2) the set in gold or silver with handle colour in purple, red, pink, blue, coral blue or black.
Sustainable kitchen accessories

Big Lemonade Transparent Glass Jug With Tap 1.2L 1.5L

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Glass transparent jug for lemonades, water with fruits, cold tea and other cold beverages. Available in big sizes of 1.2L and 1.5L, with or without a cover.
Made from Stainless Steel, Vegetable Slicer in gold colour is a useful modern kitchen tool! With the potato, carrot and another vegetable slicer, you can make your cooking and baking processes more comfortable and enjoyable!
Made from Stainless Steel, Egg Beater in gold colour is an important, convenient and beautiful kitchen cooking tool! Having an egg beater makes cooking and baking processes faster and more pleasant! 
Sustainable kitchen accessories

Two Shelves Simple Sustainable Bamboo Kitchen Organizer

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Bamboo kitchen organizer with two shelve layers. Perfect to organize jars, food containers, spices, kitchen tools and accessories. It also makes an authentic image of your kitchen, with its simplicity and functionality.
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