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The Little Prince colourful shopping bag for girl and women. Women's Canvas Tote Bag available in white and black colours. An awesome accessory for all who love the novella of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and who just appreciate beautiful accessories.Bag size: 34*39 cm.
Canvas Shoulder Bag with a Design of Abstract forms and a landscape These unique white shoulder bags have a minimalistic colourful design of geometric figures and soft pastel colours. Here are two bag design options: first with yellow, blue, grey, black and white rounded geometric shapes, the second with blue, dark blue and yellow geometric shapes that...
Funny Avocado Design Canvas Shoulder Bags  These canvas bags have a funny design of avocado: avocado part in classes as from Harry Potter with a caption "Avocado Kedavra", Avocado parts dancing with caption "Let's Avo Good Time" and two avocado parts doing sports.
Design Tote Bags

Waves Black or White Canvas Shoulder Bag

White Or Black Canvas Shoulder Bag with a Print of Big Waves Made from dense cotton canvas eco shoulder bag with a printed illustration of blue and white waves.
Design Tote Bags

Asian Style Cat Illustration on Canvas bag

Canvas Bag with a Printed Image of a Cat in Asian Style Clothes Canvas bag in white or black colour with a design of a yellow circle with writing cat in Asian clothes. The bag has a zipper closure and an inside pocket.
Design Tote Bags

Books White or Black Canvas Shoulder bag

White Or Black Canvas Shoulder bag with an Inside Pocket on Zipper closure This high-quality canvas bag is made for everyday use for the ones who love minimalistic and elegant design. On the bag, there is printed handwritten-style caption "Books" and two sentences under the embroidered portrait of a girl from the back, made as with a single line and hold...
Design Tote Bags

Unique Henri Matisse Spacious Canvas Shoulder bag

Canvas Shoulder bag with a caption "Hanri Matisse in His Own World" This canvas bag's unique design is briefly telling about the famous French artist Henri Matisse's biography and artworks. This shoulder bag is medium size and very spacious, made from dense cotton, with saturated colors.
Design Tote Bags

Refined Yellow Flower White Canvas Shoulder bag

White Canvas bag "Spring and Summer" caption with a flower This minimalistic canvas bag with a watercolor-style image print takes you back to fresh and sunny spring and summer days. There is a printed yellow and green flower under the caption. The bag has an inside pocket.
White Canvas bag with print "Woman"as a magazine cover This minimalistic and trendy white canvas shoulder bag is made for everyday use to carry inside anything you need during the day and serves as a great accessory to any outfit you choose. There are two options available: with a zipper or a rope closure. The bag has an inside pocket.
Henri Matisse Artworks Printed on Canvas Shoulder BagsThese exclusive shoulder canvas bags represent the most known French artist Henri Matisse's artworks: The Dance, Blue Nude, The Music, Spray of Leaves and the portrait of the artist himsself. This Canva bag is made from high-quality cotton and is a great choice of the true art lovers.
"See you later assholes!" Canvas Shoulder bag with rebellious caption This canvas shoulder bag has a printed image of the girl. The caption says "See you later assholes!" and there is a red label "Life Skills series". The bag is available in two colors: white and beige.
"Sick of Your Shit" Canvas Shoulder bag This canvas shoulder bag has a printed image of an ill girl surrounded by books and medicine with a rebellious description "Sick of your shit". The bag is available in two colors: white and beige.
Corduroy Spacious Colorful Shoulder Bags "You need this one" These shoulder bags are perfect to take with you to school, university, meeting with friends or any type of activity. The bags are made from soft high-quality corduroy material that makes it pleasant to keep by your side. There is a label "You need this one" with a drawn plumelet.   The bags...
Black and White Canvas bags with a Landscape or Waves inside a circle These high-quality canvas bags have an authentic printed design in a shape of circle in the center – landscape or golden background with blue waves. Canvas shoulder bags are closed with zipper and have an inside pocket.
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