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Adjustable colourful Friendship bracelets with an amulet of a tree, coming with Friendship card. There is a quote on the card: "Our paths may change as life goes on, but the bond between us reminds forever." Choose gift bracelets for your friends to remember about the friendship bond!
Reusable bags

Organic Cotton Mesh Reusable Bags Set - 9 pcs

Eco-friendly Reusable Organic Cotton Mesh Bag Set  This organic cotton bag set contains 9 peaces of cotton bags in 3 sizes - S (20x25 cm), M (25x30 cm) and L (30x40 cm). Easy to wash, comfortable to use and 100 % eco-friendly bags will make your food shopping more pleasant and easy!
Colourful pair bracelets "Together Forever" in 18 different variations, for you and your loved one. ❤️ Bracelets come with a card "One for you, one for me", and a quote about wishes coming true.
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