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We have always been very sensitive about the aesthetics of the world around. We know, that there is a lot of magic beyond the practical side of things. Size, texture, colour, associations – it all matters.

Some aesthetical pieces can change the atmosphere of any space, accessories are able to change mood and attitude, clothes create a particular image of yours. Choosing things you are also choosing identity – of the place, brand, or even yourself. We feel and we know of the details' power – they create the world, our world. Things we choose always represent some part of us – practical, creative, dreaming, caring, independent. 

The idea of Authentic Art Lovers Store is very simple. This store is made for you. All of this is for You – to be a creator. To be authentic. To rebel. To be brave enough and express yourself, your personality, your attitudes. Who are you now? What do you like? What do you want to be in your life now? Choose it, create it around yourself, live it.

In Authentic Art Lovers Store, you can find anything to create the world around you. Here are things for the home, to design it exactly as you see your safe place – minimalistic, cosy, decorated – as you feel right now. We also stand for eco-consciousness and nature-friendly living, so you can find things eco-friendly living in section "sustainable living". If you love accessories as much as we do, you will find your treasures in accessories section – handmade, vintage, exclusive or nicely simple. Here are things for leisure and for studying, for special occasions and for everyday life. You can also find a lot of ideas for presents – to you and your loved ones.

Authentic Art Lovers is a community, and by choosing our store you are becoming a part of it – changing, constantly developing, limitlessly creative!


Get inspired.


Create your world.

Authentic Art Lovers is developing and growing. If you want to offer an idea of products you want to see in our shop or you have a collaboration request, feel free to contact us. You can use the contact form or write us an e-mail on info@authenticartlovers.com. 

Thank you for your support and creativity.

You are making this world even more beautiful ❤️

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